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~A senior Dobe with a lot of heart ~

The most expressive soulful eyes were staring up at me as I entered the back yard and headed to the kiddy pool. My sister and husband were bathing a beautiful creature that'd been neglected and starved for far too long. She was covered from nose to toes with the most amount of fleas and tics I've ever seen. If eyes were ever a window to the soul, hers were. They were telling me of all of her abuse, despair, and her need to be loved. I looked into those big brown eyes and cried, between my sobs I told her that we were keeping her and that this would never happen to her again. My husband had just picked her up from the Okmulgee Animal shelter through the Ziegler's Doberman Rescue in Tulsa (no longer operating), as she was on the list to be euthanized the next day. We were only supposed to transport her to the affiliated Vet but we fell in love with her. Raven was advanced in age but one of the best Dobes I've ever had. She was everything you could hope for in furbaby. She was blossoming more and more everyday. One of her favorite activities was to dance for her dinner. She would bob her head and try to bounce the front half of her body around. Her dad would sing "Do the Head-Bob" to the tune of "The Hussle". She could be trusted off lead in our front yard, and spent many hours helping me plant and water the garden. She loved everyone and everything. She was so in-tuned to us that we never had to ask her to do anything. She often would come in our bedroom at night just to check on us, as she liked to spread out on her favorite couch. She left a huge hole in our hearts when she died. She was our little HeartBeat. Words can't even describe how much she meant to us. Raven brought so much richness to our lives, that is was difficult to remember life before her. I would strongly encourage anyone who is thinking about pet ownership to adopt a rescue. We now have our second rescue girl Molly. (see her story on the Happy Tails link) Thank you again to Marcia and the Woodlands for all the wonderful work you do for rescues!


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